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Loaded With Love

Building up your grilled cheese from the flavour of the sauce, the texture in the veggies, the anticipation of big protein, and the amalgamation of melty, salty cheese; firmly packed between slices of milk or multigrain bread; all in fine balance, nothing overdone.

Why A Say Cheese Grilled Cheese?

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The Bread

A gooey grilled cheese needs bread with structure, texture and taste. Choose from a lightly sweet and soft milk bread or a rustic seven grain bread, free of preservatives; sourced from Grainharvest Breadhouse (Waterloo).

We Brie-long Together

The Meat And The Veggies

Our chicken/steak is locally sourced, marinated in small batches and grilled to order. We add layers of grilled and/fresh veggies for a nicely balanced grilled cheese sandwich that tastes cheesy, feels wholesome and comforting.

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The Cheese

We’ve handpicked some of the most premium, high quality cheeses because a grilled cheese is no ordinary sandwich; it’s playful, adventurous and nostalgic!

Read along for a dive into the cheeses we use and their origin.

Brie Mine!  

The most globally well-known French cheese with the informal title, "The Queen of Cheeses". Brie originated in Seine-et-Marne, France, it is a soft farmhouse cheese. It has a refined taste, smooth texture, and an earthy aroma. The white protective mold creates Brie's iconic rind on the exterior and gives it texture, color and a creamy balance.

No surprises, Brie was beloved by the royals. Back in the eighth century, French Emperor Charlemagne got a taste of Brie at a monastery in Reuil-en-Brie. He instantly fell in love with it and Brie became a hit across the population. 

Let’s just say, Brie notches up a classic grilled cheese to royalty!


Life's so Gouda!

If you can’t resist chocolate, chances are you may not be able to resist Gouda. A semi-soft cow’s milk cheese created on a farm in the Netherlands in the early 1100s making it one of the oldest cheeses in the world. It has a rich, nutty, caramelly taste; melts wonderfully and enriches anything it is added to, especially grilled cheese sandwiches.

Without a doubt, Gouda has a place on our menu!


Everything tastes Cheddar with Smoked Cheese!

An English treasure for a classic grilled cheese.

Possibly smoked cheese was accidentally made for the first time thousands of years ago in a small house with a wood-burning fireplace. This fireplace kept the house warm and was also used to heat milk during the cheesemaking process. While the cheese was stored on shelves or in cupboards before being eaten, the continuous smoke from the fire gave the cheese a smoky flavor. Smoking helped preserve the cheese and was especially valued before any refrigeration was invented. Today smoking a cheese adds subtle nuances of earthy, toasty flavors.

Smoked cheddar brings a distinct, mature taste and amps up any grilled cheese sandwich!


Havarti is a must Have!

Havarti is the charismatic, not usually expected, but undeniably a grilled cheese pleaser for its buttery taste, extra smooth and creamy texture. This all inviting Danish cheese was invented by Hanne Neilsen in the mid – 1800s and named “Havarthi”, after her farm.

Perfect for melting, we’ve got grilled cheese sandwiches with Havarti.


Provolone, tastes like home!

Provolone is an Italian pulled cheese, the warm curds are pulled into elastic bands of cheese formed into wheels, brined in a salty bath and aged. Its depth and toothsome texture comes through more when melted; holding up well with strong, more intense flavours like pesto, olives, peppers and balsamic sauce.

Stay hungry for our robust and hearty melts with provolone!


Mozzarella, my best friend!

Mozzarella originated in Naples, the southern part of Italy. The cheese dates back to being served around the 12th century. Mild and approachable with a creamy appearance and a melty goodness, it is one of the most popular snackable cheeses and gets along well with almost any ingredient.

There’s no grilled cheese menu without ‘a best friend!’.


Got A Feta Idea!

Born on the Balkan Peninsula, Greece’s national cheese treads on a slightly different path than mozzarella or cheddar with its distinct texture and tart flavour. Fresh and moist, it goes well with all kinds of veggies. Crumbled over a salad or a grilled cheese topping, it lends an assertive taste and a salty burst to the bite!

102A0818F.jpg _    Havarti a bite to eat.jpg

Pair It With Tomato Brûlée

‘Local’ to the next level! If you’ve come this far on our page, you’re probably a grilled cheese lover. Pair your grilled cheese sandwich with a local, handcrafted, Tomato Brûlée (by Island Son Canada), made with San Marzano tomatoes, Granny Smith apples; making a sweet and savoury treat with a little hit from the heat of Ghost Peppers!

Create your own indulgent grilled cheese with our handpicked pantry items. Click and choose, we’ll make it for you, all loaded with love!

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